How NOT to Seem Like a Cave Dweller When Reading

Okay, I’ll admit it — I regularly fail at this. Binge-reading is my preferred method of reading, so I like to read a book in as few sittings as possible. This has some unintended side effects, however. My family will wonder where I’ve been ‘hiding’ all day, and exclaim loudly when I “emerge” from my “cave” (a.k.a. my room). It’s a problem I’m trying to fix. So with that said, here are my tips on how to read and seem like a normal human being:

1. Do more than grunt when spoken to.

Yes, it’s hard. Why must you acknowledge another’s existence when you are in the middle of the BEST book? But non-bookish people will consider this sort of behavior to be strange. Best case scenario: the interloper only requires vague answers and will continue talking as if the conversation wasn’t all one-sided.

2. Exit your “cave” and rotate reading spots throughout the day.

Once your preferred reading nook becomes uncomfortable or you start to feel restless from reading in the same position, it would be wise to change spots. The couch, your bed, someone else’s bed, or any other comfy chair throughout your house are all great spots; it will give your family the illusion that you are around more than you actually are.

3. Let your sun-deprived skin get its Vitamin D.

If you haven’t seen sunlight for a solid few hours, you should probably go out to remind yourself that there’s an outdoors. Take your book and some sunglasses and plop down on a lounge chair for a while. Bonus: eat a popsicle while doing so.

4. Secure some sustenance to drag back to your “cave.”

It’s pretty easy to forget just about everything else when reading, but it’s important to keep your energy up so you remember what you read. Mosey on down to the kitchen and grab a snack you can eat while reading. Try to be seen while doing so; as with #2, this will also make you appear to be more active and normal.

Can you relate? Do you binge-read a lot or not leave your “cave” when reading? Do you think these tips will help reform you? Share your thoughts!


  • Anna says:

    I definitely am a binge-reader and suffer from the symptoms mentioned in the article..however I don’t feel the need to be redeemed 😉

  • Kelly says:

    Love your post and this blog! I can totally relate haha. Maybe I’ll start seeming less cave-womanish 🙂

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