End of Semester As Told by a Book Nerd

This is Lina reporting to you LIVE from the land of the living. Yes, I repeat, from the land of the LIVING!

Finals are over, and though it was a hard slog, dead week is finally behind meBut you know what got me through? Visions of gloriously uninterrupted reading hours dancing in my head. A fifteen page paper? Torture. But when I imagined reading in my favorite spot back home as soon as I finished, getting through the paper suddenly became more worthwhile.

 So I thought I’d share the book-ish thoughts that were constantly distracting me from getting me through finals week — a book nerd’s guide to the stages of the end of the semester, if you will. Those of us who have just finished can laugh now, and I hope anyone who might still be finishing can find the strength to push through (do it for the books!!).

Also, I’m an English major attending college waaaaay out of state. This comes with a few unique challenges!

Onto the guide!

End of Semester

Step 1: Knowing the end is near when… you change your Goodreads shipping address!

You know the Goodreads giveaway contests we all enter that nearly no one has a chance of winning? Well, turns out they’re good for something besides that small spark of hope. For me at least, if I check the end date of the giveaway and see that it’s past the time finals end, I have to uncheck my school address and switch to my home address — and there’s NO better feeling!

Step 2: Daydreaming while writing a paper about ALL THE BOOKS YOU WILL DEVOUR.


Sure, I might have a lot more pages to write, but what about all the pages I’ll be reading when I finally get home?! There’s the books I had to leave at home (I’m so sorry, my pretties!) that are just waiting for me, and all those holds I’ve already placed at the library… say, will summer be long enough for all the books I want to read?

Step 3: Staring longingly at the pleasure reading books you have accumulated.

It isn’t long before I remember that I have great books in my dorm, too! Even if I’m in the middle of a paper, I will take a study break to climb on top of my desk to reach my bookshelf, if only to give my sadly neglected books a little TLC. I might longingly stroke the gorgeous preorders I absolutely needed even if didn’t have time to read them, but also the ridiculously great finds I discovered at the local bookstore that I couldn’t pass up, as well as the books others were giving away for free that I just had to give a home…

Step 4: Worrying about how all your books will f it in your suitcase.

do have quite a few books… how am I supposed to bring them all home safe and sound?! They’re really heavy, and if I put them in my soft suitcase they’ll be crushed! But they might not all fit in my hard suitcase… (As always, I finally decide to carry on as many as I can because my babies need protection.)

Step 5: Reviving your Kindle from the dead for the plane ride home.


Planning how to spend my flight home easily trumps revising my papers! Somehow I inevitably find myself digging through my stuff to find my Kindle charger, and voilà, IT LIVES!! It wouldn’t hurt to place it in my carry on bag now, just to be safe…

Step 6: Getting back in touch with the book world on social media!

The best reward for reaching my essay page count for the day is to sneak a peek at Twitter for a bit! In the finals crunch, it’s too easy to feel out of the loop book-wise, but just a few moments on Twitter is enough to remind me of all the creative, fun bookish people out there and the amazing new books coming out! (And there’s Instagram if I feel like drooling over ARCs and new releases, haha!)

Step 7: Catching up on author newsletter emails!

It kills me when I have to let author emails pile up in my inbox. If I’m snatching a quick meal before getting back to work, I love to read email newsletters while waiting for my food, always hoping I haven’t missed any awesome giveaways!

Step 8: Selling back your unneeded textbooks and getting money FOR MORE BOOKS!!

This calls for a book shimmy.

The moment finally comes when IT’S ALL OVER, and it’s time to start packing up! There’s absolutely nothing better than gathering up the textbooks I’ve used all semester and selling them back to the bookstore for — wait for it — $money$ for MORE NEW BOOKS! It’s a brilliant system, just brilliant!

How do you get through the end of the semester when all you want to do is read?!



  • Emily Mead says:

    I’VE MISSED THIS BLOG. And omg, school (well, uni) being over is the best feeling. Although I’m in my first semester so it’s not actually happened yet. I’m ASSUMING it will be the best feeling because I’ll have eight weeks of holidays. *sighs in bliss*
    Emily Mead recently posted…TeenCon and an Epic Book HaulMy Profile

  • Kyra Morris says:

    I love this post and congrats on getting through the semester! I finished my IGCSE exams last week and the thing that got me through all the studying was also thinking about all the books I had to read and all the wonderful blogs I had to read and all the bookstagram photos I could take once my exams were over. 😀

  • Oh this is hilarious and wonderful. XD YAY FOR HOLIDAYS AND BREAKS FOR YOU!!! I HOPE YOU GET TO READ ALL THE BOOKS YOU WANT!! I’m kind of relieved that I don’t do college/uni and don’t have to go through huge stages of withdrawal heheh. 😉
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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