Book Tag: ‘BURN, REWRITE, OR REREAD?’ Challenge

BookTube — it’s so awesome. While I’ve watched a few BookTubers before, I hadn’t gotten that much into it because I just don’t think I was watching the right channels.

But I recently discovered jessethereader‘s BookTube channel and I LOVE IT. The guy is HIL-arious. I would launch into a discussion about BookTube right about now, but I think I might wait to discuss that in another post so I can really develop it more.

Anyway, he has a Book Tag video called ‘BURN, REWRITE, OR REREAD?’ whose concept I just love and is really just such a fun game. So fun in fact, that I decided to replicate the game in a written format here! Since I don’t know too much about the BookTube community, I don’t know if transferring something to the blogging community is taboo or not, but this is just too much fun to pass up.

I posted the original video above (definitely worth the watch!) but I’ll also outline the rules of the game here:

  • For each round, three books are randomly chosen.
  • Out of these three books, you must decide which will BURN, which will be REWRITTEN, and which will be REREAD. (!!!)
  • Sometimes it’s an incredibly hard decision, but sacrifices must be made :'( Although at one point Jesse offers to burn himself and save the books haha, buuuut then how could you guarantee that the rest of the books would be saved??
  • To pick a book randomly I decided to use my Goodreads ‘read’ shelf and a random number generator. First, you need to enter the upper and lower limit for the # of pages on your ‘read’ shelf (mine was 1 to 11). The preset # of books on each page is 20, so after a random page # is generated, you can clear and enter 1 to 20 to pick a random book off your read shelf.
  • Let the games BEGIN! 😀 (& May the odds be ever in your favor and all that stuff…)


I was pretty prepared for some heart-wrenching difficult-ness, so I was kinda surprised that Round 1 was easy enough. It kinda makes me cringe though, haha.

 BURN: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Honestly, I don’t really remember this one. I’ve never been a fan of Angel books, and even when I looked up the synopsis on Goodreads it wasn’t really ringing any bells. So it’s just gotta go! *chucks on bonfire pile*

REWRITE: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

BEFORE I GET TORN TO SHREDS, HEAR ME OUT! I know so many people love this series, but I somehow must have had an unfortunate mishap while reading it because I DON’T REALLY REMEMBER IT. I read it a heck of a long time ago and I must’ve read it quickly as well. When I went to pick up the second book in the series, the cover redesign confused me to the point that I couldn’t decide if it as the same series or not (these were my dark pre-Goodreads days). So alas, this one gets relegated to the Rewrite pile. Honestly I should reread it (for real haha, not just for this game), but how can I when what I really need to reread is…

REREAD: Champion by Marie Lu

The conclusion to such a good series!! If it isn’t one of my favorite series ever, it’s pretty close. Prodigy is my favorite book of the trilogy though, because I really thought it built upon Legend so well and really kicked the series into gear. I also really liked the way Marie Lu ended the series, so I just don’t think I could move this to the Rewrite pile.

ROUND 2: In Which I Show My Extreme Sci-Fi Nerd

Oddly enough, all these 3 were Sci-Fi (Or is it really odd? It’s pretty much my favorite genre, haha). Look no further for evidence of my extreme Sci-Fi nerdy-ness, because a book that made this list was a set of Ender’s Game short stories. *sorry-not-sorry look* Yup, I’ve read just about every Enderverse book that exists.

BURN: The Lost Code by Kevin Emerson

Okay, I actually enjoyed this one — though I haven’t gotten to reading the other books in the series and don’t think I will — because I thought it was pretty original and fast-paced at parts. Honestly I should probably label it as ‘Rewrite’ because I think fixing some flaws could make it better, but I’m gonna have to sacrifice this one to the Burn pile because it just doesn’t make the cut and Ender needs to be saved, period.

REWRITE: First Meetings in Ender’s Universe by Orson Scott Card

Okay, I should probably burn this one, BUT I CAN’T. As a set of short stories set in the Enderverse, they should be somewhat expendable because they aren’t crucial to the other books. But they fill in such interesting back-stories and gaps in the books, and the fangirl in me just can’t burn them!! Ender’s Game is, after all, my favorite book. Some people have pointed out a few inconsistencies between the details of these stories and the actual books, so I’m gonna let OSC rewrite to fix these minor things.

REREAD: Gone by Michael Grant

This definitely DOES make my favorites list! While it boggles me that some people hate this series, I really love it — sometimes it may be far-fetched, but who cares when such crazy things are happening to a cast of characters that you’ll grow so attached to?? Plus, I heard Michael Grant give a talk at the National Book Festival a while back and I’ve got a lot of admiration for the guy; his book must simply be re-read.

ROUND 3: The Simple One

Either I’m just more experienced at this game now, or this was just an easy round.

 BURN: Memento Nora by Angie Smibert

Again, I remember nothing beyond the synopsis, and maybe with good reason. This one’ll become fodder for the fire…

REWRITE: Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

This series. Anyone who has read this series knows how aggravating it can be! Each book is the same, and the books have so many flaws, but somehow they keep dragging you in… arrgh. I’ll send this one back to the editor to smooth out these issues.

REREAD: Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi

 This is a great series (with a great ending), so I’ll be rereading this one!

Post-Game Reaction: I really enjoyed playing this, so be on the lookout for a Part 2 in the future (maybe!). I do feel like some rather strange, old books popped up, but some of my favorites did, too. And obviously, my emotions took over my logic at times, but it can’t be helped when we’re dealing with BURNING BOOKS.

Tags: So I’ve never tagged anyone to participate in something before, but here goes! If you guys have the time and think you’d like to participate, I tag:

Meg @ Adrift on Vulcan

Amy @ Ode to Jo & Katniss

Lola @ Hit or Miss Books

and anyone else who wants to participate!

Do you agree or disagree with my choices? Are there any of these books you desperately want to save? Would you want to play this game?



  • Megan says:

    Yay, thanks for tagging me! And don’t worry — I’ve seen a couple of booktube-turned-book blog tags going around, too, so it’s not taboo at all. 😀 And ah, I keep telling myself to get into the booktubing obsession, but I guess I haven’t been watching the right channels either… I’ll definitely go check out Jesse the Reader, though. He’s pretty popular, so it’s worth a shot. 😀

    I’ve only read Shatter Me and I agree: I’d rewrite that book, too. I mean, it has such great potential, but when I actually read it? DISAPPOINTED. I read it a couple of years ago as well, so maybe I’m not remembering things right, but the romance was crappy and there was instalove all around. I did like the writing style, though (Tahereh’s writing is seriously gorgeous), so I’d probably just rewrite the romance, hah. But I should probably get to the sequels since everyone says they’re much better than the first book. :B

    Eeeh… I’m not sure if I should read Champion because I read Legend about two years ago and it was another disappointment. (I KNOW, I am such a picky reader!) But now I’m seeing everyone rave about Champion and wondering if I should continue with the series. Well, I like that it ended nicely!

    Haha, I’ve heard about how horrible The Lost Code is. I was planning on reading it when it first came out, but then I read all these one-star reviews and stayed the hell away from it. Glad I did. 😛 I’m glad that you managed to enjoy it a fair bit, at least. And ooh — I love Ender’s Game, too! Still haven’t managed to get to the sequels, but hopefully I will soon. Too bad about those inconsistencies, though. You would’ve expected a book that was written specifically to expand on the universe to fill in plot holes, not create them. xP

    I still can’t get over how gorgeous the covers are for the Under the Never Sky series! I read the first book last year and really enjoyed it (Roar is ze best), so it’s great to hear that the final book was just as amazing, too. Gah, I have so many series I want to finish but not enough time. SOMEBODY HELP!

    I’ll try to get the post up soon! 😀

    • Yeah, I don’t think I was watching the right BookTubers at first, but some of them are so great! It’s really awesome to get to know more about new books, etc. by watching a video instead of just reading blogs all the time. 🙂

      You should DEFINITELY continue with Prodigy! Honestly, while I liked Legend, I still felt like the series didn’t stand out to me that much until I read Prodigy, where the world really expanded and awesome new characters steal your heart and everything gets more intense!! Gah, even I want to read it again…

      Ender’s Game is one of the only books I can reread, I’m not much of a re-reader haha. If you’re going to read the sequels, I really suggest the Ender’s Shadow series (which focuses on Bean) because it’s a lot more accessible, and the rest of the Ender series has A LOT of high-level physics in it which just went right over my head. I really love the Shadow series though, because it has a lot of great characters, awesome Sci-fi, and political scandals/intrigue. As for the inconsistencies in the short stories, they’re not so bad and don’t interfere with being able to enjoy the stories.

      Oh, you’re going to get a lot more of Roar if you keep reading the series. 😉 YOU CAN DO IT!

      And don’t stress about the post, do it when you have the time and have fun with it! 😀

  • This looks like such a fun tag! I’ve been thinking lately that I want to start making videos, but since I’m so camera shy I never dare! However I think I just may be subscribing to the one you shared… it’s pretty funny 😉
    Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms recently posted…Review: Vivian Apple at the End of the World by Katie CoyleMy Profile

    • It is, you should do it, if even only in a blog post! I think BookTube is so awesome, but I’m also way too camera shy to make my own videos, and my personality isn’t exactly suited to being so entertaining. It seems so easy to share all your opinions when you’re talking on a video, though.

  • acps927 says:

    Just saw this! (Sorry I’m almost always days behind on catching up on blog posts!) This seems like it could be fun, so I think I’ll have to do it! Thanks for thinking of me! 🙂
    acps927 recently posted…Review: The Young ElitesMy Profile

  • #1: I definitely agree with your choices. Unearthly was pretty unremarkable, and I hated the rest of the Shatter Me series, so I’d like to rewrite those books. I do reread pieces of the gorgeous Champion every now and then. 🙂

    #3: I haven’t read Momento Nora, or Into the Still Blue (I did read Under the Never Sky already), but personally, I’d really like to burn Starcrossed. xD I did not like it at all and was pretty bored to death.

    Thanks for sharing, Lina! 🙂
    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings recently posted…Review: The Martian by Andy WeirMy Profile

    • #3: Yea, I was pretty tempted to burn Starcrossed because it makes me pretty angry sometimes haha, but for some reason I mostly kept reading the series so maybe there’s something there worth salvaging? *shrugs*

  • Asti says:

    Is it bad I actually haven’t read any of these books? 😛 I do own Shatter Me though and plan on rereading it, how unfortunate it’s on your re-write list. But hey, at least it’s not because you absolutely hate it or anything like that. I accept your reasoning.

    I do own that one series by Veronica Rossi (don’t know what the series is actually called, but the one with Into the Still Blue in it), but have not gotten around to reading it and don’t think I will. For some reason I have no drive to read it. And the only reason I own the series is because I won the first two in a giveaway and got the final one from one of my work placements. 😛 I’m such a fail.

    Anyways, fun tag! I don’t think there’s no harm bringing some of those tags into the blogging world from Booktube 🙂
    Asti recently posted…Weekly Recap| Jan 4-10, 2015My Profile

    • More power to you for admitting that you’ll probably never read the series, I think most of us lie to ourselves and say that we’ll get around to reading ‘x’ popular series someday… Haha.

      Thanks! I really am starting to get into BookTube, so doing something crossover-like was inevitable. 🙂

  • This is SO FUN! I love this idea! Okay, I agree with your #3 completely. I would re-read Shatter Me in #1 and rewrite Champion, I think. I did like Champion, I just liked Shatter Me a little more. As for #2, I would reread Gone also, but I’d have to ditch First Meetings in Ender’s Universe because I refuse to read OSC.

    Such a great post, and I think it is fine to borrow ideas, as long as you give credit, which you totally did, and I think this is SO fun for all bloggers, written or BookTube!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…Stacking the Shelves and Other Weekly Shenanigans (43)My Profile

  • […] is actually the first tag I’ve participated in (though I made my own here called BURN, REWRITE, OR REREAD?), so I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did answering […]

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